Let Freedom Ring! Extra Credit Opportunity

A phenomenal fusion of great American orators. A very cool seven minutes.

As we learn the Constitution, we learn that we have a government that gives us structure, protection from an overruling government, a say in the government and individual rights. Watch this video and compose a 1-paragraph “comment” generating your own statement about freedom. What must Americans do to protect such freedom? What must Americans do to be responsible citizens? What must our leaders do to preserve such ideas? Who ARE our leaders? Which people do you recognize in the video? Be sure to include an idea or two (Constitutional fact) from class, not only emotion and opinion.

All answers should include your first name and last name initial at the bottom(“signed, Jacob L”) . If unable to comment, a 1-paragraph typed essay is sufficient. The most excellent answers can earn 10 points extra credit, though your actual amount will vary.


3 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring! Extra Credit Opportunity

  1. goose

    the video had a good discription of freedon. (exept that martain luther king said let freedon rain to much). the people i reconized wereronald reagan, martain luther king, malcom x, john f kennedy, and bobby kennedy. one of the tings i agree with is that if we dont stand up for what we belive in we are better off dead. i thought it was cool how evey one cared about martain luther king so much and when bobby told them he died there reaction. this was a good video. ( by the way mr. little how do you get all these videos for you tube because they are all serious and you tube is not a very serious site.)
    signed ryan gadberry:)

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