Preamble in Everday Life?

Here are a few scenarios to think about (from our class discussion today):

1. An immigrant comes to America seeking the same treatment, jobs, and opportunities as everyone else.

2. Each state gives up their own currency to create a national one (the American Dollar).

3. Our military bombs another country that has just attacked us (or will in the near future).

4. A man is convicted of robbing a bank.

5. The government prepares a vaccine so that we don’t all fall victim to the bird flue epidemic; keeps us safe and healthy.

6. The National Guard comes to the aid of victims of Hurricane Katrina and helps stop the rioting and violence in New Orleans.


1. Secure the Blessings of Liberty
2. Form a More Perfect Union
3. Common Defense
4. Establish Justice
5. Provide for the General Welfare
6. Ensure Domestic Tranquility