Constitution Test and Project!

Our big date… the Constitution Test will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, 4/10 and 4/11. Study Guides and project details for that unit were delivered today, on Thursday, March 1. Expect more details when your children bring those assignments home. Students have been given 5 weeks to review the Study Guide, vocabulary, goals, etc. I expect excellence, as our students will be very well prepared. There are no excuses for poor performance. The Constitution Test is no longer a “requirement” to pass junior high, but it’s weight (150 points) and this Unit of study (almost 400 points) should convery how important it is.

For the Constitution Project, students need to select a project and subject and turn it into me by next Friday, March 9. We’re doing this to avoid procrastination, or waiting until April 4th to begin the assignment!

Again, expect more details when your children come home today.