Want to Improve your Grade?

Students and parents often ask me how they can improve their Social Studies grade. Go over this checklist with yourself/child if they are struggling, and you will likely find holes in their routine or work ethic.

How Can I Improve My Grade?
Before you ask, check this list:
1. Are you doing your homework and assignments?
2. Do those assignments get turned in on time?
3. Do you correct mistakes on homework or assignments?
4. Do you double-check your work for mistakes?
5. Do you ask appropriate questions in class?
6. Do you seek assistance before or after school, or even during study hall?
7. Do you study for tests/quizzes (more than one day in advance)?
8. Do you take notes on what you read and what we discuss in class?
9. Do you review those notes?
10. Is your SS binder organized so its easy to find materials?
11. Do you actually read the textbook?
12. Do you use your class time wisely? If you finish early, do you go back and review?
13. Do you practice answering questions on your own?
14. Do you use a dictionary or thesaurus when you don’t understand words.
15. Do you submit answers to the Question of the Day box… EVERY day?