American Revolution Test (Part 2) – Friday, 2/16

A part of this test – on Friday – will also be an Extended Response Question (ERQ/Essay). Students must select one of these questions:

1) Would you have been a loyalist or a patriot during the Revolution?
2) What were the causes of the Revolution? Rank and describe at least 9.
3) How did the Americans earn independence?
4) What were the different perspectives of the Revolution? Compare and Contrast the 5 different points of view discussed in class (National Leader, Loyalist, American Trader, etc.)

Students must pick one question to answer, and their answer must be 3 paragraphs long (5-8 sentences each). Students should also use 3 facts per paragraph, something that we discussed in class, in group work, through a class activity, or other assignments. The web is NOT an acceptable resource, as we’re assessing what students have already learned, not what they can find online. Each opinion must be supported with a fact, and students must always answer “Why?” Leave no statement open-ended. Using Vocab words and terms also makes you look smart, and looks like you studied. :)

This essay may be done in advance, and turned in on Friday, too. With a major test on Thursday, I don’t want to give 2 high-pressure tests 2 days in a row. Students may work on them during class time, of course, but I will accept ERQ (essays) that were completed at home. Students have already had knowledge of these questions for a week, and they are major themes we’ve discussed, not new ideas. Students should support their answers from our class work and what they’ve learned.

Because of the nature of this question (tons of time to prepare, ISATs in a month, and the option to work on it at home), I expect excellence.